How to sell more with the New Mall in Town – Instagram

Instagram with its 1 billion monthly user base and 400 million active story mongers on a daily basis, offers merchants with a lot of marketing opportunities. This makes Instagram the New Mall in Town. Here is all you need to know to run your shop on the platform.

Instagram’s main emphasis is on clean, high-quality visuals which make it ideal for showcasing products, so your creativity can come in handy here. Also with the help of your eCommerce developers your business can boom because of the platform.

Why use Shopping Platform of Instagram?

Instagram has simplified the buying process for the users. Instead of getting redirected to the website, the buyers can now stay over the application and buy products. 80% of the users are on the lookout and discovery of new products each day. With them following the business accounts the expansion of shopping on Instagram is more effective.

So now you will consider putting your product on Instagram, for this is what the digital mall is for. There is high chance of discovery and ultimately conversions of your business. This is how the play goes at the Instagram.

  • It is a great way to showcase the product.
  • Hashtags used in the post and the product stickers in the story; you will be able to target the potential buyers.
  • The purchase process or let’s say the checkout point is right there in a few taps that can make it easy for the customers.

How to get started?

  • Abide with Instagram’s Commerce Policies Your product should comply with the Instagram’s Commerce policies. This is the thumbs up for putting all the steps forward after this.
  • Business profile – Convert the Instagram account into a business profile. An official of your venture over the Instagram.
  • Facebook Catalog – Create a Facebook catalog with your Instagram Business Profile. This will be like the storehouse or the inventory of your products that can be put on your Instagram account connected to the Facebook account. In a matter of days you will be ready to run both the social media business profile of your business.
  • Instagram Sale Channel over the Shopify Store – Add your Instagram sale channel to your Shopify store. And this can be done with no additional costs.

Instagram Shopping is actionable to both the buyers and the merchant’s motives. For the buyers, they can still stay on the app and complete the buying process and that is far better from the landing on the official website and finding the way from there on. And merchants get to reach a wide audience by social interaction over the platform.

Instagram has a Set of Tools you can use to Drive Sales:

  • Product tags in your post. Use different kinds of tags or a mixture of them in your post. These clickable Hashtags can help users discover some more of your products when they choose to find something related to the product and click on one of the Hashtags.
  • Product stickers in your stories. A clever sticker or a luring price sticker used over the products displayed in the stories can persuade the user into buying the product. When you use the User Generated Product use a product sticker that can help others buy the best reviewed product.
  • Shop tab on your profile. This will help those who directly review your profile, those acting on the word of mouth. It helps them land on the website with a pool of products to choose from.
  • Swipe Up link in the stories. If the call-to-action works then the swipe up link in the stories will help those who are clueless about the next step. With no links in your stories leaves the user unconverted, because after doing the discovery the person will have to find the product and not all will take the initiative to do so.

Being the Users of Instagram ourselves, we are all familiar with these above mentioned tools. Let’s put them in right use today to increase our businesses’ reach.

Here are some more guidelines that can help you make the right shopping post in order to convert your target audience.

  • Create High-quality product photos. Use your creativity plus some tools to make them high-quality pictures. To market on Instagram one needs to know all that goes into a picture that will catch hold of the customer’s eye.
  • Showcase your product as a part of their lifestyle. This will help the users visualize their needs and even lure them to have new needs and pursue them to buy new things.
  • Create user-generated content. The UGC is the easiest approach for content over the social media platform. The business does not have to create new content and this will work as a social proof that you value your customers.
  • Educate and entertain the target audience. A fun way to educate the customers, bringing social awareness can be helpful for the growth of your business.
  • A video advertisement or a showcase can be luring too. A live video of the fun you are having at an event can personally attach you to your audience and hence draw them towards your product.
  • Experiment with product stickers in your story. Make it worth a notice.
  • Help shopper visualize your product.

Social media is the most used platform in today’s time and it is a wise decision if you choose to market there.

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