Instagram Marketing: Hashtags, Stories and Product Tags

Instagram has grown rapidly over the recent years and it has adopted new features at a very fast rate. These features have value for both the users and the merchants alike in their day-to-day social media check-ins. So let’s dig deeper and find how these features can help merchants in specific.

Get started with an Instagram Profile:

By now all merchants have realized that they have to build a business profile to get started with their business presence over the Instagram. You can start with adding your contact information; have a keyword optimized description on your profile and then a profile picture that can be the recognition of your business like a logo.

When the basics are cleared go ahead and do some more steps in the limited profile space to make it completely optimized for you to generate sales.

  • Include Clickable Profile Links: Get to work and get some clickable links that can be included in all possible places of your profile. You can put it in the bio of the Instagram profile, a sister company over the social media platform, while hosting a contest collaborated with other merchants, and if it suits well with the terms of your business you can share the profile links with the potential leads.
  • Include Clickable #: These can be added in the description; another positive way is to include those in your posts. You will learn more about hashtags below.
  • Story Highlights: While you’ll learn more about story highlights below, you need to keep in mind that some stories should remain with your business forever and with the Instagram’s new feature you can make story highlights. Any new audience will get to know about your company through your story highlights.

Oh! And I think you should know why should you use Instagram? (Marketing and User-Generated Content P.O.V.)

Instagram has been hype among the folks for a little while now. The real reason is:

  • 80% of the users on Instagram follow at least one brand and 60% of them discover the new ones.
  • 30% people on Instagram purchase making it an actual conversion for your business.
  • 65% of Instagram top posts are clearly featured products.

With this amazing information I am motivated on the spot to reach the free-fund audience and get some conversions!

What Images and Videos will work best on Instagram?

Now we are thinking of; what kind of content one should start posting?

And now I just get the feeling of a teenager having the first social media account and don’t know what to post? For businesses don’t start right away, well, you have started already by making a full-fledged profile. Here are the baby steps you need to make:

Start with Promotional Posts, Motivational Quotes, Product Photos, DIY or Tutorial Content and use or I’d rather say show concern towards the user-generated content make it a social proof. You will not even have to generate content on your own, just work on the stories of your followers on Instagram that value your product.

Users will love diversity, so the videos and the images are both on their own side of the game, equally important, as one thing going on for long may bore the potential customers.

  • Videos are an informative and a valuable piece of information giving you some space to make out an explanation. This is extremely good option, it should be kept short, precise and clear to make it understandable.
  • Images generate 36% more engagement than the videos on an average.

But the analysis by the NewsWhip says that the top 10 publishers of Instagram get more than 60% of their engagement through images and the rest % goes to the videos.

Where images get a passing stroll the videos have the capability to hold on the audience for a while and that sends another conclusion through the same analysis that the video engagement is slightly higher than the Image engagement on the Instagram in the respective years.

Videos let people live the thrilling moments or let you live a story, while the images are the wow factor a still moment captured. A mix of videos and images that is not at all balanced will work the best. With each post brings a new surprise for your audience and make it visually attractive. Go with your instincts!

How will you get the most out of Instagram Hashtags?

#staplemarketingtool – that is what hashtags are for the social media platform, a staple marketing tool. Just add # before the desired text and it will turn into a clickable tag. This clickable tag is available on the internet and is used by many similar products on their posts.

If you are planning on using a tag for your business then stick to it and use it more often, because this clickable tag is like a keyword that going to fruit you over the journey. Explained below:

Users and the audience out there have two options: either they are following the tag you happen to use for the business or the click the tag to find similar products; either way this will help them find more of your products. So do a little research and find the perfect hashtag for your business, with a lot of followers.

Types of #:

  • Branded Hashtags – use brands and the already followed # to gain the benefit of being discovered. Branded hashtags can help you if you have a similar product.
  • Contest Hashtags – These can be for specific merchant’s brand contest tag or the generic ones like #instacontest.
  • General Appeal Hashtags – #puppylove can be used for the specific mood or can be used on an event specific post.
  • Niche Specific Hashtags – The recipe niche have a lot of Hashtags to be used, for instance #foodgasm.
  • Timely Hashtags – An event specific or a festival specific hashtag can take you through the current celebrations and do some business as well.
  • Entertaining Hashtags – The hashtag without a specific marketing tag.

Research various hashtags and use a combination of them in order to gain advantage. For all the Shopify users; consider this as your Shopify Marketing Expert.

What is the deal about Instagram Stories?

Instagram got the story idea from Snapchat. The stories are short lived photos and videos that disappear in the matter of 24 hours. These are available to your followers to see.

But, what if you have a new follower? Instagram has a solution! Instead of starting a new, one can create Instagram highlights for its business profile for new followers to get accustomed to your business juncture.

Instagram story highlights

The Instagram highlights exist on your business profile page where you can add Stories that will stay even after the 24 hour of attention period is over.

Using the feature one can create multiple lifelong highlights to keep new people in tact with you and your business.

  • For the best effect, using one for user-generated content is the move I urge businesses to follow. This will build trust and the image leading to the market footing. When market is Instagram do the best on “What you’ve said?”
  • One of the highlights could be your brand’s story, a storytelling that can get people on the same page as you are with your brand and business.
  • Consider updating your events story, to keep your audience mingled.

That was something about extending the lifespan of your stories so that new audience can get the idea of your business. On a daily basis also keep engaging with your audience in order to maintain their following and encourage them to Stay Connected!

Here are a few ideas for your daily stories:

  • Share the User-Generated Content in order to build trust among the rest of the audience. A live example or the user’s exhilarating over the product can save you the generation process of the content and might motivate the customer to keep engaging with you. This can help you get leads that convert for sure.
  • Supporting the generated UGC with a poll or a call-to-action, the former can help you engage audience and the later will help some conversions for your business.
  • Share the details of the events and later on the moments you had there. Making your story emotionally appealing can draw potential customers towards your business.
  • Be authentic. Deal with the behind the scene of your business sensitively and make it a viral event at a fun moment. A little joke perhaps can connect to the audience.
  • Go Live. In moments worth sharing where all the actual fun is residing, make it Live and give your followers the privilege to enjoy the Intel on your business.

It is now in your hands to take the social media profile seriously, that can do wonders in small steps too. Get the leads and conversion through the hype of the generation.

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